Slide Understanding Biochar's Potential for Greenhouse Gas Removal More Info Slide Biochar Production, Characterisation and Degradation More Info Our research characterising biochar will provide insight into the stability of biochar as carbon storage Slide Biochar Deployment & Field Trials More Info From small pots through to whole field trials we will investigate the impact of biochar on plants and soils Slide Economic Assessment More Info Lifecycle assessments and technoeconomic research will help determine business models for biochar Slide Societal Engagement More Info The demonstrator’s recommendations for biochar will be shaped by our social science research into stakeholder perspectives

What is Biochar?

Biochar is a charcoal-like material made from plants, that can be applied to land to lock up carbon.

Demonstrator Research

Our research covers biochar production and deployment as well as lifecycle assessments and social science research.

Information for Farmers

The Biochar Demonstrator is recruiting farmers to host biochar field trials, and providing information and guidance.

Additional Resources

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