Dr Genevieve Hodgins, Project Manager for the Biochar Demonstrator, delivers a short talk on carbon removal approaches during the 2024 Pint of Science festival.

To achieve net-zero and halt climate change, we need to not only reduce emissions but remove carbon from the atmosphere. There are a range of carbon removal approaches that are being studied and used in the UK and globally. Biochar is one of these approaches. It’s a charcoal-like material made from plant matter in a way that locks up carbon for centuries to come, it’s added to soil or construction materials to add extra value. Genevieve will talk about what biochar is, how it’s made and the research happening at the University of Nottingham, and other universities across the country.

This wonderful video was also submitted into the Celebrating Engineering Research Video showcase at the University of Nottingham. Pitted against numerous fantastic submissions, this video was voted as the best, winning the “Best Research Video” award on the day.