Demonstrator Research

Biochar Production, Characterisation & Degradation

Using state of the art techniques, the Biochar Demonstrator will assess biochar composition and stability, ensuring carbon is locked into the soil for hundreds of years.

Biochar Deployment & Field Trials

Through small scale ‘pot’ and small plot trials, to ensure soil health, through to whole field trials, the Biochar Demonstrator will be applying over 200 tonnes of biochar across the UK.

Environmental and Economic Assessment

The Biochar Demonstrator will be conducting life cycle assessment (LCA) and techno-economic analysis (TEA) to determine the carbon dioxide removal of biochar deployment and help develop robust business models.

Societal Engagement

Through social science research a wide range of key stakeholders from agriculture, civil society, industry and government nationally and internationally will be given the opportunity to participate in the research and provide their perspectives on biochar.