The Biochar Demonstrator is partnered with a wide range of industrial, academic, and governmental organisations, across the UK and internationally. Through engaging and collaborating with businesses and stakeholders, we are able fully investigate different aspects of biochar research and business, while supporting our network in achieving their biochar goals.

Some of our partners in the Biochar Demonstrator Network can be found below.

  • Future Biogas
  • Circular Carbon
  • TerrAffix
  • University de Leon
  • NFU
  • NCC
  • JCU
  • CAU
  • ADHB
  • Perpetual Next

SMEs, Start-ups and Community Organisations

The Biochar Demonstrator is proud to partner with organisations of all shapes and sizes, not all of whom have an online presence.

Some of our SME and community partners include:

Farm Black Magic: A farming cooperative based in the UKs smallest county, Rutland. Farm Black Magic has an ambitious plan to use biochar to promote trees and woodlands in the Gwash Valley.

East Midlands Farm Management Association (EMFMA): Linked to the National Institute of Farm Management, EMFMA has around 30 members interested in agriculture and professional rural activities. Members meets during the winter months to discuss current issues concerning productive farming and holds The Nottingham Farming Conference every January, as well as an informal summer visit to a farm or rural business.